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It's never a good idea to put all your things in one place only, so even though I have no plans to leave Tumblr, I wanted to grab up all my headcanons and works to settle over into a careful archive - here, I've decided - and go from there. To that end, the following blogs are mine and people are welcome to come find me:

applesandashes - rp blog for FF7's Genesis Rhapsodos
commanderhewley - rp blog for FF7's Angeal Hewley
directorlazard - rp blog for FF7's Lazard Deusericus

askcarminelegacy - SWTOR ask/rp blog, general Star Wars content
theycallmerevan - KOTOR rp blog for female!Revan

wordmage - my main Tumblr blog bearing this same name
kittenfair - sideblog strictly for my fanworks

Archive ahoy!


wordmage: Pen nib with a paw print (Default)

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