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So I operate FF7Central on Tumblr, and one thing done is profile pages of FF7 characters for their birthdays. I plan to do others eventually, and want to copy them all over here. First up, Aerith!

Image with two pictures of Aerith, saying "Happy birthday Aerith Gainsborough"

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Aerith Gainsborough (also known as “Aeris” Gainsborough due to a translation error in the original FFVII) was born on February 7th, 1985 in Icicle Inn of the Northern Continent to Professor Gast Faremis and Ifalna, last of the Cetra race. Upon her mother’s death, Aerith was considered the last known Cetra.

Listed as 5′3 with blood type O, she is the following ages during the Compliation:
  • 15-22 in Crisis Core
  • 17 in Before Crisis
  • 22 in the original FFVII

Less than a month after her birth, Aerith was captured along with her mother by Professor Hojo and taken back to ShinRa where she would spend the first seven years of her life. In 1992 she fled with her mother under the plate but was orphaned when Ifalna died at the train station from wounds inflicted by ShinRa’s security during their escape.
Elymra Gainsborough, having been waiting at the station for her husband in hopes of his return from the Wutai war, took in the seven year old and raised her as her own daughter. While the Turks would eventually find her again and maintained surveillance during her entire life in Midgar, they did not force her to return to the company until 0007 during the original game canon.

Aerith is first met chronologically during Chapter 11 of Before Crisis, a full five years before her original appearance in the OG. She plays a significant part in Crisis Core, where her relationship originally alluded to with Zack is further fleshed out. During that time, Aerith receives her signature ribbon from Zack and together they set out to help her sell flowers as she is first seen in the OG. There is also a comment from Zack that she should wear pink the next time they meet, and when she is last seen in Crisis Core she is wearing what becomes her signature outfit.

During the OG, Aerith approaches life with enthusiasm and curiosity. President Shinra believed her able to lead the company to ‘the Promised Land’ but she is largely uneducated in her Cetra heritage. Nevertheless, history comes full circle and she ends up giving her life in an attempt to stop the Calamity of the Skies, Jenova, who had nearly wiped out the Cetra people over two thousand years before.

There have been questions from fandom of how necessary that may have been, as there was no indication in Aerith’s behavior that she believed it was necessary that she sacrifice herself to summon Holy and there would have been no reason for Sephiroth to kill her unless that would hinder her efforts.

In Advent Children Complete, Aerith is seen years after her death in visions by Cloud Strife, and creates the holy rain (presumed to be her Great Gospel limit break) that cures Geostigma and removes the last traces of Jenova’s presence. All members of AVALANCHE can be seen wearing a ribbon in her honor, and Marlene has a similar pink ribbon in her hair.

In the typical style of white mages, Aerith uses staves and rods as her weapons, and her limit breaks are centered on healing and buffing the party.
  • Level 1 defaults with Healing Wind and unlocks Seal Evil with 8 uses
  • Level 2 unlocks after killing 80 enemies with Breath of the Earth and unlocks Fury Brand after 6 uses
  • Level 3 unlocks after killing 80 enemies after L2 with Planet Protector and Pulse of Life after 5 uses
  • Level 4 is Great Gospel, suspected to be the source of the healing rain in ACC. The manual can be received as soon as you unlock the Tiny Bronco, but steps can be taken to get it as you get the buggy.

In addition to her appearances in FFVII Compilation games and the On the Way to a Smile novellas, Aerith appears in the following Final Fantasy games:
  • Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade
  • Final Fantasy All the Bravest
  • Final Fantasy Explorers
  • Final Fantasy Record Keeper
  • Final Fantasy Trading Card Game
  • Final Fantasy World Wide Words
  • Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
  • Triple Triad (Final Fantasy Portal App version only)

There have been references to Aerith in other games such as World of Warcraft and she also appears in the Kingdom Hearts series.


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